Mailing Evolution.
Business Revolution.

Welcome to RA, where we are forever altering the mailing industry by transforming competitors into allies in a network that benefits all members.

RA Advantages

Nobody in the mailing industry is doing what we’re doing. RA Advantages are the services that move us past our competitors and into the mailing revolution.

We are not a vendor, we’re a partner.

No Membership Fees

Who We Are

RA is a nationwide network of individual mail service providers working together to optimize postage, logistics, and operational savings. The network is based on our free-to-use software that supports third party mail share efforts, logistics, tracking, accounting, and data security. This cloud-based, disruptive technology enables competitors to work together for the overall good of the mailing industry.

Streamlining the Process

How It Works


Upload a mail.dat file into the secure, cloud-based system. The Alliance will take it from there.


A logistics supplier (RA network member) takes the mailing to one of several qualified hubs throughout the country where it is processed.



Our interface is 100% transparent. You can track the pieces and monitor the accounting all within one software system.



You save on labor costs as well as postage by commingling your mailing with that of other Alliance members. We disperse all shared savings.

RA uses SSL/AES 256 Bit Encryption software to encrypt your personal information, including password and banking information, so that it cannot be read over the internet.

100% Transparency

Why RA?


of pieces of mail processed


Nationwide Footprint

in presort and print shops


Over 10 Years

and counting


Full Transparency and Accountability

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