RA Logistics

Our process is simple:

Let the RA Hub locations take on the task of prepping drop ship for standard mail. Our facilities and partners get deeper saturations without having to tie up the floor space and the resources to manage it. They set up the logistic profile for their desired entry destination and service levels, upload the mail.dat to the cloud and the system will generate the service request on the fly.

From local drops to expedited service across the country, we have you covered. Watch the entire process develop using the RA secure, cloud-based software system. Track each piece right up to home delivery. 

RA offers a Logistics Scheduler to handle Drop Ship Destinations through a simple user interface. All Mail.dat information can be separated by destination, to allow the user to easily decide whether they want a specific destination to be sent Expedite, Consolidate, or RA Mail for additional savings. The system also offers a separation of data for mail that will be held back for later induction, or volumes scheduled to be handled locally.

Options Available for Destination Scheduling:



Campaigns needing expedite service to meet immediate in home delivery needs can easily be handled using this functionality.


A lower cost solution to meet specific drop/in-home dates. This allows consolidation of volumes to minimize logistical costs and distribute costs to higher level volumes.

On Hold

This flexibility allows certain destinations to be removed from a mailing to be held back for a later submission.

Local Dispatch

These volumes can be separated to give the user the ability to handle these destinations locally or by using company owned vehicles to perform the logistical tasks.

RA Mail

The solution allows for Destinations not qualified for destination entry as well as NDC or Non 5 Digit SCF volumes to be sent through the RA Mail Process to capture further postage savings.

Our Process Features 

Drop Shipping

Secure, Cloud-Based Software

Per-Piece Pallet Level Tracking

Free Membership


Upload a mail.dat file into the secure, cloud-based system. The Alliance will take it from there.


A logistics supplier (RA network member) takes the mailing to one of several qualified hubs throughout the country where it is processed.


Our interface is 100% transparent. You can track the pieces and monitor the accounting all within one software system.


You save on labor costs as well as postage by commingling your mailing with that of other Alliance members. We disperse all shared savings.





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